Brand Development

Our Business Model

Full service is what makes us different and unique: our job does not finish with product supplying.

Our business model includes every brand development phase, thanks to the cooperation beetwen researchers, marketing and project management: from marketing analysis, continuing with product concepts, formulation and production, moving to packaging, up to brand development and marketing strategies.

We believe our clients are our partners, not just customers, and together we strive to reinvent the world of beauty.

Brand Development

Research & Development

Research & Development is our strategic asset to achieve and maintain competitive advantage in beauty: only strong research provides high quality and functional cosmetics, that gives real results.

In our modern and technologically equipped laboratories, highly skilled and specialized researchers work to improve our cosmetic know how: the search for the most innovative technologies, the creation of revolutionary highly effective formulations and the development of new products is the daily mission of our technicians.

The continuos investements in R&D activities and this strong commitment to look for science and the latest available ingredients allow us to find always the best beauty solutions, able to meet even the most demanding customer’s expectations.

Brand Development


Quality is an attitude for us, a state of mind, and the driver of our job

certificazione_iso Undisputed first component of our every day mission, it is the main point of strenght for our succes: complete quality control procedures cover the entire cycle of our job, starting from the choice of the raw materials and ending with the finished goods delivery.

Our commitment to quality, both in products development and processes management, has allowed us to obtain European Quality Assurance Certification in 2003 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Quality is also synonymuos of normative compliance: with our inthernal regulatory department, all our products are developed in the respect of European Union and international regulation to guarantee goods safety and consumers’ satisfaction.